GameChanger Aerodynamics

Mainstream and average? That´s just not you!The new ABUS GameChanger is the ultimate aerodynamic helmet for performance road cycling – developed in cooperation with Movistar Team.

Conqueror Of The Air

Technology Teaming Up

Pure aerodynamics – when you fight for every second and it's all about that extra Watt, there's no way around the ABUS GameChanger. Its aerodynamic design speaks for itself. Change the Game - ABUS GameChanger.

ABUS Gamechanger Linedrawing
  • Forced Air Cooling Technology
    Forced Air Cooling Technology The perfect temperature management of the head is only possible when all vents are effectively interconnected. The elaborate Forced Air Cooling Technology channels the incoming air around the head and provides the perfect climate.
    Forced Air Cooling Technology
  • Multi Position Design
    Multi Position Design The innovative Multi Position Design features a significantly reduced surface area exposed to the wind in all conditions. Optimized aerodynamics, regardless of head tilt and inflow angle. It offers 23% less frontal surface area than our current top helmet.
    Multi Position Design
  • AirPort
    AirPort The AirPort located in the back of the GameChanger offers two decisive benefits: Your glasses can be quickly and safely stowed in the specially formed dock and they are then fully integrated into the helmet design, offering a valuable aerodynamic advantage.
  • Zoom Ace
    Zoom Ace Zoom Ace is the fine adjustment system with a handy wheel providing an individually customized fit.
  • FlowStraps
    FlowStraps FlowStraps – for ultimate comfort. The fixed webbing arrangement is an ode to adjustability – customization is no longer necessary. Thanks to these specially designed straps, flutter and wind chatter is a thing of the past. The FlowStraps are aerodynamic, flutter-free and skin-friendly – a ABUS innovation (pat. pend.).
ABUS And The Movistar Team

ABUS And The
Movistar Team

The finish is in sight, you can feel the pursuers breathing down your neck. The difference between victory and defeat now comes down to just how prepared you are to suffer. You summon up all your strength for the big moment. Man, machine, victory. It sounds so simple, but this is the result of many years of hard training – as is the case for the professionals in the Movistar Team. ABUS supports the riders’ passion for competitive cycling. Whether professionals or amateurs – uncompromising helmets help ensure they reach the finish in one piece.

Nairo Quintana, Movistar Team

My passion for bicycles is as high as the mountains in my native Colombia. Being the first to reach the top – I have always loved that feeling, from the very beginning. Even today, as a pro rider it still feels incredibly powerful to me.

Nairo Quintana, Movistar Team

Cycling stands for team spirit, sacrifice, and hardship – but it also means passion, dedication, and discipline. Particularly for Movistar Team, the most successful UCI World Tour team in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. It's all about individual success as well as team achievements. 28 riders from nine countries provide valuable feedback. This partnership of equals is a significant contribution to the creation of top-class helmets like the new GameChanger. We are all working together to achieve top performances. ABUS provides Movistar Team with the decisive feeling of safety.

Race GameChanger

The new ABUS GameChanger is the ultimate aerodynamic helmet for performance road cycling – developed in cooperation with Movistar Team. With its Multi Position Desgin the GameChanger completely re-defines aerodynamics as every airflow is optimized for real race conditions. The Forced Air Cooling Technology ensures a comfortable head temperature is maintained whilst the ABUS Multi Shell In Mold construction provides the highest level of protection.

GameChanger | Celeste Green
GameChanger Celeste Green
GameChanger | Velvet Black
GameChanger Velvet Black
GameChanger | Fuchsia Pink
GameChanger Fuchsia Pink
GameChanger | Steel Blue
GameChanger Steel Blue
GameChanger | Blaze Red
GameChanger Blaze Red
GameChanger | Polar White
GameChanger Polar White
GameChanger | Neon Yellow
GameChanger Neon Yellow
GameChanger | Movistar Team
GameChanger Movistar Team

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